Shark Shields

Shark Shield

South Africa is thought to be one of the most heavily shark populated waters. It was the South African government’s initiative along with the Natal Shark Board to create a product which would allow people who participate in underwater activities peace of mind without any harm to the shark. The Shark Shield works by emitting an electric current which produces a spasm in the shark’s snout and repels them from the area. This electric current does not leave any permanent harm to the creature and does not harm the environment around them, this is very important to the creators of Shark Shield who hope that this device will reduce the fear in people and reduce the amount of shark killings. You can use Shark Shield with any water sport such as snorkelling, spearfishing, scuba diving, boating, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, water skiing, and wake boarding, and even the Australian Elite Military, South African Navy. US coast guard uses them; it is also approved by NATO. Shark shield provides protection against nearly all predatory sharks, the major ones including tiger sharks, bull sharks, bronze whalers, great whites and makos.

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