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    Spring Suits

    Wetsuit Warehouse has a huge range of spring suits for all watersports. We stock a great range of Billabong, Ripcurl, Xcel and O'Neil wetsuits along with many other brands, ready to be shipped to your door

    Spring Suits are wetsuits with either short legs and long arms, long arms and short legs, or both short legs and arms. The point of wearing a spring suit is keeping warm enough to be able to stay active in the water for a long time, without limiting your manoeuvrability while in the water, as is the case with thicker steamers. People who dive in tropical waters and surfers prefer thin shorties as this provides more freedom of movement.  They are also very easy to get in an out.

    We have selected a few good-quality and affordable shorties for you that you can’t go wrong with. Simply purchase the shortie online today!

    Spring Suits


    Aquasport-X Junior Springsuit

    Our Price $54.99

    9% Off RRP ($5.01 Off)


    Mens Aquasport X 2mm Spring Suit Wetsuit

    Our Price $69.99

    13% Off RRP ($10.01 Off)


    3/2mm Short John Surfing Wetsuit - Mens

    Our Price $79.99

    12% Off RRP ($10.01 Off)

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