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    Threaded Shafts

    Threaded tip shafts need to be paired with either a fixed or breakaway spear tip., which is beneficial for a few applications. Generally, these designs are slightly heavier than their Hawaiin and Tahitian counterparts (depending on the shaft size), but do give you the option of replacing damaged spear tips and to use a breakaway system.

    Breakaway systems are often favoured for targeting pelagic species while bluewater diving, although it always comes down to personal preference. A regular shaft hitting a bigger, soft-skinned fish may struggle to completely penetrate the fish and could get pretty bent up. Something like a doggy or a marlin fighting against a shaft hanging out of its side (like a Tahitian shaft) will put too much pressure on the rigging, and your flopper is likely to break off, costing you your fish and your shaft. A word of warning; slip tips can be tricky to use and most reserve them for these pelagic species.

    Alternatively, you can simply attach a regular fixed spear tip and flopper. The beauty of these is if your flopper breaks or the speartip becomes damaged beyond repair, you can always replace them.

    There are many different kinds of shafts and no easy way to know what shaft will fit your gun and what is suitable for the kind of fish you are chasing but we can help make that easy so hit us up on live chat or shoot us an email, you can call us too! For more information on speargun shafts you can read our Spearfishing Shafts FAQ.

    Threaded Shafts


    Adreno F.G Threaded 8mm Shaft with 5/16th thread

    Our Price $149.00

    13% Off RRP ($20.99 Off)


    8mm Standard Threaded Shaft (5/16") 8mm- 122cm-183cm

    Our Price $99.99


    Standard 8.7mm Threaded Shaft (11/32")

    Our Price $89.99


    Stainless Steel Shaft/Spear For Pneumatic Speargun - Various Lengths

    Our Price $24.99


    9.5mm Standard Threaded Speargun Shaft (3/8")

    Our Price $119.99

    Riffe 3/8 [9.5mm] x 72 with Rest Tab Threaded Shaft


    3/8 [9.5mm] x 72 with Rest Tab Threaded Shaft

    Our Price $119.99

    Ocean Hunter

    6mm Threaded Stainless Steel Shaft 6.6mm Diameter

    Our Price $54.99


    Sten 8mm Threaded Pneumatic Shaft - M8

    Our Price $34.99


    Cyrano 7mm Threaded Pneumatic Shaft - M7

    Our Price $39.99

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